Go Digital with Bravo

Electronic Records management is a critical component in information governance. Bravo's Electronic Records Management Service will help you prepare for 2022, when NARA goes completely digital.  We provide solid plans to quickly convert your records management structure into a fully digital state, giving you confidence in this digital-only landscape.  

Common Problems That You May Be Facing 

Bravo can help you swiftly meet NARA records compliance.

Are you unsure where to start with converting your records?  


Develop and implement a clear plan with Bravo's Electronic Records Management Services. 

Want to be able to maximize the use of the electronic records? 

Our solution gives you control, allowing you to manage, declare, and automate record lifecycles, leveraging Microsoft platform and applications. 

Is your current records management system inefficient? 

Physical records management isn’t practical for organizations with limited storage space or a wide variety of information formats. Bravo has the experience, resources, and expertise to ensure that every document in your archive is maintained in a compliant and easily retrieved format. 

How Bravo Can Help:

  • Assisting your business to achieve NARA records management compliance standards
  • Automating the record life-cycle to streamline the Records Managers (RMs) and users' actions, allowing to effectively manage records efficiently
  • Single pane that allows Records Managers the ability to declare, manage, delete, search and audit records


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