Federal Records Management Guide

Federal Record Management Guide

The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) has set a deadline of 2022 for all records transferred to them be captured electronically. With no planned approach to tackle this undertaking, many challenges await government agencies. This guide recommends an approach leveraging Microsoft's ecosystem of commonly used applications to serve as the foundation to electronic records management.

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NARA currently holds 12.5 billion pages of analog records, including documents, photographs, and film that must be digitized. This has led to their decision to only accept electronic records after 2022, but they have not laid out a plan for agencies to convert to this digital-only landscape.

This guide provides federal agencies with a solid plan to quickly convert their records management structure to an exclusively digital state. Through the work of Records Managers, information owners, and IT Administrators, any federal agency can ensure they will be ready for this policy change following the simple approach recommended in this guide.

Topics covered include:

  • NARA's Vision
  • Records Management Overview
  • The Challenges
  • Recommended Approach
  • Solution Approach

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