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3 Reasons Why You Need an MSSP

A big question that many businesses face is whether their company would benefit from an MSSP or not. An MSSP is a managed security service provider that ensures your organization, end-users and systems are safe and meet compliance requirements. The goal of an MSSP is take the pressure off the in-house IT department and to make sure your company will have protection from attacks that could be crucial to your business. Using an MSSP will not only serve to safely secure your business, but it will also save money in the long run. MSSP’s run on a fixed rate that is usually paid on a monthly basis. Bravo offers multiple packages with options on which level of protection is desired to make sure you get exactly what you need. The benefits experienced by using MSSP are hard to pass up. Learn our top three reasons why you need an MSSP.

Making sure your business is secure is of upmost importance. If a breach were to happen, not only are you responsible for potential fines and downtime but your company’s reputation is tarnished for years to come. If the word gets around enough, your business could greatly suffer! For example, say your company does not have sufficient IT help and an employee falls for a phishing attack. Now, your company must allocate time and money to fix the situation while hoping the hacker didn’t get access to any important data or information. Clients might begin to wonder if it’s safe to do business with you. Maintaining a good reputation is essential for successful businesses. Using an MSSP is a terrific way to start!

Benefits of an MSSP

There are so many different benefits that using an MSSP can offer. The following are our top 3 Reasons Why You Need an MSSP.

Customer Service

MSSP’s offer an extra layer of IT support. In many cases, MSSP professionals are experts in their field and have experience managing risks, implementing controls, and developing security strategies to support business goals. Does your company currently have access to someone with the primary focus of keeping your information safe and secure? MSSP’s are a great asset to provide customer service and be there by your side during unforeseen circumstances. At Bravo, we make it our focus to be proactive. We get ahead of issues before they impact your business.

Spend Less on Security

As mentioned earlier, having an MSSP will save money for your business. In-house IT services can be extremely costly and the salary for a qualified infosec employee is upwards of $100,000 per year. Digital Incidents cost business of all sizes $200,000 on average, according to insurance carrier Hiscox. With an MSSP you get more affordable access to subject matter experts and peace of mind knowing your safe.

Advanced Technology & Security

With an MSSP, you have access state of the art technology. MSSP’s constantly stay updated with the latest and greatest technologies to make sure you are protected from threats. With Bravo on Demand’s subscription-based model, new security features are rolled out frequently to ensure your company has the most up-to-date protection. MSSP’s spread the fixed costs of the total technology investments across a large customer base to ensure you get the best price possible. This allows both small businesses and large enterprises to take advantage of the benefits of an MSSP.

If you’re interesting in learning more about how Bravo and other MSSPs can help you, visit our website.

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