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Future Proof with Zero Trust

As a result of the pandemic, a lot of things have changed. Many new norms that have been introduced – such as working remotely. Because the world is changing the way it operates and relying more heavily on technology and the cloud, our security must evolve as well. This is where Zero Trust comes in. There is no denying that the pandemic has changed things fast, and our security has not been able to keep up. As a result of this changing threat landscape, cyber attackers are enjoying themselves a golden era while organizations are faced with a never-before-seen exponential rise in security breaches year over year.

Enter Zero Trust Security Framework

Zero Trust has been introduced as a key component to the modern security architecture and is a core framework for a secure agile growth. The infamous Colonial Pipeline incident in April of 2021 was the last straw, and following that, it became evident that our current security standards are no longer adequate. Our nation needed something future proof. That is why on May 12, 2021, President Joe Biden signed Executive Order 14208 to support our nation’s cybersecurity and protect critical infrastructure and Government networks. In this Executive Order, agencies are strongly urged to adopt Zero Trust security. 

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Adopting the Cloud and Zero Trust

The rapidly increasing number of organizations making the decision to operate remotely has made cloud adoption more prevalent than ever before. Migrating to the cloud has provided companies with numerous benefits such as lower operating costs, mobility, easy backup & recovery, and increased productivity & collaboration. As more organizations continue to spread their data across multiple cloud vendors, a challenge that many security teams have commonly faced is the difficulty of determining who should have access to their networks and who should not. With Zero Trust, this problem can be eliminated. From now on and into the foreseeable future, Zero Trust is the ultimate security measure to protect your sensitive and most important data in the cloud.  

Why is it Effective?

Now, you may be wondering, “What is so effective about it?” What makes the principle of it so powerful is that it removes the ability of any assumptions to be made – nobody is trusted by default. The goal of Zero Trust is that any asset can be compromised with minimal to no impact of any other asset. By adopting Zero Trust, organizations can assure that any breach that occurs is self-contained and controlled, minimizing the overall damage, impact, and cost. Additionally, the concept of “Never Trust, Always Verify” helps reduce both external and internal threats. 

What Can You Achieve with Zero Trust?

  • Prevent breaches & contain lateral movement 
  • Expand protection across various computing environments 
  • Increased visibility 
  • Continuously log & report any potential detection of comprise/threats 

To learn more about Zero Trust and how you can begin your journey toward a stronger security posture, check out our Free Whitepaper!

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