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How AI-Enabled Phishing Attacks Present a Real Risk to Your Business

How AI-Enabled Phishing Attacks Present a Real Risk to Your Business

AI has been all the buzz in the tech community lately, due to its vast capabilities and growth potential. With this growth, however, has come the use of AI for malicious purposes. AI-enabled phishing attacks have proven to be on the rise in correlation with the development of AI capabilities. As this threat becomes more and more real to businesses worldwide, it poses the question: “How do I protect my business?”

Phishing attacks occur when hackers infiltrate your system by taking advantage of any weak links or vulnerabilities it has. There are several types and tactics of phishing, which you can read about in our blog, Phishing 101: The Greatest Threat to Your Business.

Emerging AI-based phishing techniques are rapidly being utilized by hackers to extract information by using a baseline of intelligent data of the target at hand to generate hyper-personalized attacks (usually emails or email attachments) to look convincing and legitimate. Attacks can also come in the form of “spear phishing,” where attackers pose as a colleague in an attempt to get you to expose information directly to them.

What Can You Do to Stay Safe?

Ultimately, the most important thing you can do is ensure that all employees are well-versed in recognizing and handling phishing attacks. However, with these new AI-enabled phishing attacks, this may not be enough to keep your business secure. To prevent this “smart hacking,” your business has to fight fire with fire. Embracing and utilizing AI security techniques will help you combat AI-enabled threats. Just as machine learning can be used to understand your habits to make personalized messages, it can also be used to learn how to track and detect a threat before becoming apparent to your employees.

In an article published by Microsoft this past week, they touch on three ways to build better cyber safety. Highlighted on top of security awareness and cybersecurity workshops, they discuss “diverse hiring for smarter AI” and how it is pertinent to secure your business against and secure a strategic advantage.

AI-enabled monitoring and data analysis can make all the difference when trying to stay up-to-date with the latest threats and how to deter them. To speak with a cybersecurity expert or to schedule a vulnerability assessment, contact us today!

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