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The End of an Era – Upgrading SharePoint 2010 Support

With a new decade comes new processes, including those such a SharePoint. Upgrading SharePoint has been a seemingly daunting task many businesses have put off for quite some time, with about 40% of users still operating with SharePoint 2010. Even so, it’s becoming crunch time to upgrade, seeing that the SharePoint 2010 Server will reach its end of extended support on April 13, 2021.

Though Microsoft has extended the deadline from October 2020 to April 2021 due to COVID-19, it’s still just as important to ensure that your systems are updated so that your business can seemlessly upgrade without having to worry about the end of SharePoint 2010. Once this software reaches the end of its lifecycle, you will no longer be able to:

  • Receive technical support for any problems that may occur
  • Acquire bug and security fixes for issues and vulnerabilities with the outdated software

All of these components that keep this server stable, usable, and secure will no longer be available to companies that still utilize SharePoint 2010, come April 2021.

Once Sharepoint 2010 reaches the end of its lifecycle, both the server’s virtualized and physical instances will become vulnerable, meaning that any use of SharePoint 2010 will not pass a compliance audit. This upgrade is crucial for becoming CMMC compliant.

Those who want to maximize their server investment should plan on beginning the upgrade to SharePoint 2019, as to avoid costly problems associated with having the 2010 server once it’s no longer supported.

So, how does one upgrade to SharePoint 2019? The process can be a little tedious, so enlisting the help of experts may help to save you time and money. In order to get up to date with SharePoint software, you’ll have to transition to each version to come out since 2010 in succession.

There’s two ways in which to go about upgrading. The first of which is transitioning to the cloud, which is a subscription-based service that allows your business to collaborate anywhere from every device. If you plan on remaining on-prem for the foreseeable future, the second option of taking the path to upgrading to SharePoint 2019 provides a great infrastructure for a modern platform for content and portal technologies.

Taking action now and enlisting the help of skilled professionals can prove to be very beneficial in the long run. To find out how Bravo can help your business transition to modern operating systems, visit our website.

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