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Why Hackers Target Small Businesses

What kind of organizations come to mind when you think of cyber-attack victims? Large banks, chain corporations, healthcare networks? While these big organizations do experience cyber-attacks, they only make up for about a half of those targeted by cyber criminals. The other half, or 63%, to be exact, specifically targets small businesses, putting those most vulnerable at risk.

Cybercrime is becoming much more prevalent in today’s atmosphere, with even more of it being targeted towards smaller businesses by the day. In 2018, over two-thirds of small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMBs) reported being victims of a cyber-attack. Why would hackers target small businesses? There can be many reasons that attribute to their motives:

  • Fewer Resources. Many small businesses don’t have access to complex monitoring systems and sophisticated threat detection software, making them an easier target than those with high tech security measures in place.
  • Less Awareness. Smaller companies usually don’t require the training and caution regarding sensitive information that larger companies typically do. Because of this, it’s easier for sensitive or personal information to become exposed through ploys like phishing attacks.
  • Gateway to Larger Companies. Many hackers target smaller companies with the intention of using information gained there to launch an attack on a larger entity that the small business has worked with. In fact, the Target breech of 2013 that compromised almost 40 million customers’ information started as an attack on a small HVAC firm that worked with Target.

What can you do About Cyber Threats?

Make sure security basics are covered. The worst thing you can do for your business is leave it vulnerable for hackers to easily target. Assessments available online can assess your security posture to give you more insight into what your company needs to improve upon to be safe. Bravo also offers this assessment as part of our Bravo on Demand Packages.`

Simple Measures. Taking proactive steps like implementing strong passwords and multi-factor authentication (MFA), training staff on the dangers and signs of phishing, and keeping current with updates and procedures will help to protect your business against the growing threats of hackers.

Attention. A lot of the time, simply turning your attention to your business’s cybersecurity can make all the difference in deterring and detecting threats. With a smaller business, it can be hard to prioritize your digital safety, but it is crucial in today’s ever-evolving online environment.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when thinking about how prepared you have to be to keep your business and its customers safe. That’s where Bravo can come in. Our industry experts know exactly what your company needs to keep it safe, and with three packages to choose from based on your company’s needs, you’ll never be overpaying for the peace of mind that your business is protected from malicious attacks.

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