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Recruitment Engineering

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The greatest need of every mission is the right people. But, finding the right people with the right clearance may be the most difficult task in delivery. Bravo’s Recruitment Engineers identify, attract, secure, and retain the right people to rapidly deliver innovative solutions that capture mission success! 

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Solutions OR AND Staffing 

Most small businesses supporting the intelligence community are either strong solutions firms with a focus on innovation – or they specialize in staffing difficult positions. Bravo does both. 

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Customized for Clearance

We've built our solution from the ground up to solve the common challenge of not being able to find the ideal, fully cleared technologists and consultants that your project needs.

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Vibrant Pipeline

Bravo pulls from our pipeline of skilled and cleared candidates so that you can get the support you need, when you need it!

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Recruiting to Retain

Our recruitment engineers value trust and transparency over anything. Happy candidates = exceptional retention rates.


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