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Records Management

VOD Breakdown: How to Extract Value from Your Data in the Cloud

In August of 2022, AvePoint teamed up with Bravo Consulting Group, LLC to host a webinar titled Information Management: How to Extract Value from Your Data in the Cloud. Read on to grab the key takeaways and access our Video on Demand!

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Application Modernization

Tutorial: Power Apps Flyout Menu

“Work smarter not harder” should be your mantra as a developer to prevent yourself from building the same thing twice. In this article, you’ll earn how to make a Power Apps fly out navigation menu component with a simple design.

Citizen Developer
Application Modernization

What is a Citizen Developer?

Discover the ins and outs of implementing a citizen developer program and how it can benefit your organization.

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Adoption Change Management

What Happens After a Cloud Migration?

Migrating to the cloud is one thing… But, what exactly comes after a migration? Read on to learn how to ensure success in the cloud!

Teamwork Adoption Change Management
Adoption Change Managment

Best Adoption & Change Management Strategies

Many are concerned with how to get to the cloud, however, few consider what comes immediately after. Learn how you can avoid productivity lapses and ensure a smooth sailing adoption!