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How Situational Awareness Can Improve Your Business

When thinking of situational awareness, we often imagine being aware of physical surroundings. This might be when driving or performing certain tasks that could be hazardous. Not only is this important for individuals, but businesses can gain a considerable advantage from situational awareness. To be successful, your organization has to be aware of the world around it. If not, how do you know what direction your organization is going in?

Why Your Organization Needs to Be in the Know

When you’re unaware of what is happening outside of the business, there is no way to stay competitive. Being aware gives you the chance to be an industry expert, someone who has all of the knowledge and is the first to implement it. By being an industry expert, you’ll gain respect in your field, become more recognized by prospective customers, and attain more brand loyal customers.

Technology is Always Changing

Key areas of business to keep up with:

  • Trends. Trends can be short- or long-term and are great ways to stay relevant.
  • Website. Keeping up with a relevant, easy to use site will help give your customers the best experience.

Simple Ways to Stay Up to Date

Stay in a stage of focused awareness, which means to always carefully be observing potential danger, threats, etc. While you are observing your surroundings it is important to adapt quickly and try to predict any future changes.

Don’t Be Afraid to Check Out the Competition

  • Competitor websites and blogs are a great place to see what you could easily improve
  • Research what customers are saying about your competitors to see where your advantages are
  • Understand their capabilities, strengths, and weaknesses

Take Initiative

  • Perform a SWOT Analysis. List out your internal strengths and weaknesses as well as external opportunities and threats.
  • Subscribe to various publications, such as blogs, newsletters, or journals, in your industry and engage in discussion boards or forums.
  • Partake in events. Conferences and webinars are a great way to learn as well as network.
  • Take online courses. Courses and certifications that not everyone has can give you an advantage in your field.
  • Talk to your customers to get insight on where you can improve and how your brand comes across to others.
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