Is Your Business Ready for CMMC?

Is Your Business Ready for CMMC?

What is the CMMC?

CMMC stands for Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification. This certification will be taking over the role of NIST 800 – 171 regarding qualifications to work with Department of Defense. The Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification will have many of the same controls as NIST 800 – 171 but will have about 33 more in addition. CMMC will be needed by every contractor and subcontractor to continue working with the DoD by 2020. So, is your business ready for CMMC?

A lot of details of the CMMC are still being determined.  

CMMC Requirements:

CMMC will have several of the same controls as NIST 800-171. Also, there is a requirement of a 3rd – party audit in order to receive certification. This is different from the self- verification of NIST. With NIST, contractors could rank themselves with the honors- system. Now, with CMMC, this is not the case. The contractors will have to find a CMMC approved auditor and go through the process. The auditor will rank the contractors from 1 to 5. The levels of the contractors are important because that will determine not only the contractors’ status, but this will also show which contracts they can bid on. 

What are the levels of CMMC?

Now that we know what the requirements are, let’s go over the levels. There are five levels of the CMMC. These levels are based on the maturity level of your security standards. The levels range from 1 to 5. Level 1 is the most basic level, “Basic Cyber Hygiene”. The next Level is 2, “Intermediate Cyber Hygiene”. Following, is Level 3, which is “Good Cyber Hygiene”. Level 4 is “Proactive”. Finally, Level 5, is the “Advanced or Progressive” level. The higher the maturity level, the better off your company will become. 

5 levels of CMMC

Common Questions regarding CMMC

There is still unknown information about the CMMC. The information below is what we do know now.  

  • The final version of the CMMC will be available this upcoming January (2020).
  • The auditors for the CMMC must be an approved, non-related, 3rd- party.

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Why You Need an MSP for Your Business

Why You Need an MSP for Your Business

An MSP is a Managed Service Provider. But you might be curious on why you need an MSP for your business what they really do? A Managed Service Provider is a group or company, like Bravo, that supervise their clients’ IT infrastructure needs. Companies may lack the in-house IT capabilities that they need, thus turn towards an MSP service. These services are very useful for small to medium-sized companies because they no longer need IT providers to fix problems, they can just reach out to their MSP and everything gets taken care of for them by experts.

What an MSP Can Do

MSPs are usually used with smaller or medium size companies, however there are large-scale companies that use MSPs as well. MSPs are a must have for any organization, especially with organizations that have strict security mandates.

All businesses bear risk to security breaches; MSPs keep their businesses safe while allowing them to focus on their mission and customers.

  • MSPs have a support capability that allows for around-the-clock monitoring and protection.

  • MSPs consist of subject matter experts. They have experience ensuring security and compliance in various organization types.

  • MSPs can even eliminate the need for an IT department, or augment their current staff, which will help with reduce your company’s cost and improve efficiency.

Benefits of Using an MSP

There are many benefits to having an MSP. The ones that really stand out are as follows: Safety & Security, Support & Expertise, and Reduced Costs.

Safety & Security:
Every business fears security breaches. This could be disastrous for your company. An MSP provides constant protection and gives you peace of mind – knowing that your company is safe.

Support & Expertise:
The MSP team is there for YOU and YOUR business. They will make sure that your needs and wants are satisfied with accuracy and with quickness, so you can focus on what you do best!

Reduced Costs:
An MSP not only keeps your business secure, it does so with low costs. Outsourcing services to experts is much cheaper than building an in-house team. MSPs often have pricing packages that allow for flexibility to fit your budget whether you’re large or small.


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